Lidee Woman
About the designers.
Iuliia Ievdokymenko ; Ukrainian - living in Bali Indonesia.

Biologist by education, with over 7 years international experience in fashion and the arts. Over the years, iuliia assisted in concept and execution of one of the most successful Ukrainian brands, following this she extended her work in creating art and fashion projects in Berlin and Paris. Iuliia is a vintage lover and avid thrift shopper, adoring classic antiquity. Her biology background also encourages a strong passion for environmental sustainability which is reflected in the creation and production of L’IDÉE.

Breeana Smith ; Australian - living in Positano, Italy.
Drawing on more than a decade of experience in elevated brand management and product development, Breeana references her last 5 years living in Europe as inspiration and leverage for the concept of L’IDÉE. Many moments in Paris and the south of Italy stimulating intrigue and desire to represent women and their “forme”.